The Lebovitz Health Center

The mission of Hillside’s 卫生服务 is to provide Hillside School students with professional nursing care, counseling services, and health education, while also facilitating access to comprehensive health care within the greater community. Hillside is committed to educating the whole student and understands the value of providing children with the knowledge necessary to make informed, 受过教育的, and healthy life choices.

Hillside’s Lebovitz Health Center is a warm and welcoming 9-bed facility, including 3 isolation rooms for students experiencing communicable illnesses, that has an adjoining faculty apartment to ensure 24-hour observation and care of students whose medical needs require them to stay in the Health Center overnight. The Lebovitz Health Center is staffed by two registered nurses who are available for phone triage 24 hours per day, as well as by two additional school counselors. In the event of an emergency, Hillside is centrally located and accessible to several area hospitals as well as urgent care facilities. All Hillside faculty are certified in CPR, AED use, and First Aid.

The 卫生服务 faculty and staff are actively involved in teaching students to better understand and advocate for their health and wellness needs. They collaborate with teachers, 管理员, dining service staff, coaches and parents and have outstanding working relationships with many local health care providers and local agencies.

Counseling Services

On-campus counselors provide support to students who require assistance in addressing social, 情感, and/or developmental issues.

Counselors collaborate with faculty and parents to effectively provide students with social, 情感 and behavioral support in the classroom, on the athletic field, 在家里, 在宿舍里. Counselors also collaborate with outside psychiatrists, 心理学家, and other mental health clinicians to coordinate treatment goals and to ensure continuity of care.

Social Skills Tutorials

Although we work with all students throughout the day to develop appropriate social skills, those students who need extra support are recommended to take a Social Skills Tutorial. Similar to the other tutorials offered thorough Hillside's signature Tutorial Program, social skills tutorials are made up of small groups of students that meet with a counselor one to four times per week. These intimate sessions assist students in the development, 改进, and maintenance of important social skills, including peer-to-peer interactions, skills for relating to adults and self-management skills.

Students and/or parents may contact Michelle Renaud, School Counselor, for more information or if they are interested in pursuing counseling services for their son.

健康 and Prevention Resources



Michelle Renaud, MSW mrenaud@hillsideschool.网

Rachael Stewart, RN hillsidenurses@hillsideschool.网


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Lebovitz Health Center Hours

Monday – Thursday

7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.


7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

护士s are on-call during off hours and on weekends.

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